Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Humans need each other.

Every flower that blossoms has to wither away someday, and it does. No matter how beautiful, how colorful it is.
Eventually butterflies don’t sit on it anymore, no one bends towards it to relish its fragrance, it neither serves as  a birthday present nor as cremation vases. It loses its essence, its wonder perishes. It isn’t allured anymore.
As the musical anklet gives pleasure only as long as it swings with the moves of the dancer, the dancer stops and so does it's music. It’s now just another anklet. Sometimes even beauty comes with interdependence.

Then why today egos restrict us from being together, selfishness blindfolds us to humanity? We fail to think about others? We chose to walk alone just because of two fears, one: the person with us might reach before us, so we choose to not include them in our journey at all.  Two: we might have to share our water with him on the way. We select isolation over indulgence because our mindsets have competition embedded in them, and we are selfish to neither seek nor grant bestowal. We chose to not hold hands, just because we treasure our hands way too much to not let them drench in others sweat. We not just want the perfect for ourselves but also we chose to keep that perfect only till ourselves, We fear indulgence, we fear togetherness, we fear love. We lack trust and confidence, less in others than our self..

We are also too strong, or at least pretend to be so. We are so sure we won’t need support anytime in the due journey. We know we will never fall short of water on our way, we know we will not sweat no matter what. All this is not our confidence in ourselves, it's the overconfidence in whose shade we stand in order to save ourselves from sunshine. What if it's winters some day? And you ain't covered in woolens? Won't you need sunshine then? But till then this shade of loneliness and despair will extend to a never ending magnitude and hence will never let you come out of it. This loneliness would rather turn that shade into darkness, and then to blind black. You will never be able to escape this shade you once took to save yourself from the sun. Now you need sun, one day in that winter day you will need sun. But that day your self-created shade will isolate you from every possible ray of heat. You will dwell in the cold, dark shade forever long. 
The winter day will come. Seasons change for all, irrespective.

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