Sunday, 16 August 2015

Love or Victim?

It would have been so good if you were still here. The lights would have still shined the same way as they used to once you entered here. 
Was it as easy to destroy me now as easy it was to make me yours back then? Did you try to collect the bits you broke out of me while leaving? Or are they still scattered on those streets where you left me and never bothered to turn back and see? 
It had been a long journey we had traveled. I wonder how I am still a nomad even after having found my destination. Maybe that's because my destination just doesn't open the main door. So I try and slip from other doors, windows or even holes. But all in vain. Your building has love proof walls. They just don't let me in. 
Have I been a fool or have you been too smart? I don't know. I haven't really known much. Haven't found answers to many questions I never had the courage to ask. I didn't know a lot. Maybe I didn't know at all.  But  I surely know one thing now I have loved more than you have and you have been loved more than me. I have heard many people talk about love. I have read many fairy tales. But none ever let me know until now that there is no real difference in a victim and a lover. There is no real difference between a sinner and the loved.

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