Saturday, 4 February 2017

Happy pearl day.

We are mere waves. We will go away to mix back with the waters.
While everyone else is fixated upon worldly ideas, and hold on to their earthly beings.
We wave off to our adventurous ride.
Let the magic begin.
Find me at the end of all the musical nights.
The far fetched shores.
The never ending plight.
I am the lamp you don't need to oil to keep the light. You can as well say "you are effortlessly mine."
I am the direction no map would guide. For the end of the world the say do no exist.
But it does in me. For there has to be an end to this plight.
I am not the death, oh lover.
I am the moment that follows
The breath of eternity you breathe once you are done with the finite.
I am no angel. I am no devil.
I am the one you find at the doorway when you reach.
For I prepare you with all the good things, and the sweet words and the blue tie and the handkerchief.
I prepare you for your final calling.
For you who have met the waters and become the wave.
Will now be promoted to a sea shell.
I shun each cell I have of me, of good and bad.
of sweet and pretty,
of love and love,
to make you a pearl.
I give up each part of me to dress you up in the prettiest thing.
Like a mother or the almighty,
I dress you up for the new beginning.
To be born to adorn.
The waves like me.
I save you from the perishable, so not again ever do you have to be a wave that dies with water.
Rather make you the pearl that lives within.
I'll touch past you each morning.
I'll cover and safe guard you from the envious stars at night.
I'll shadow you from the sun in the afternoon.
I'll shoo away the lover who tries to hand you over to his beloved in the evening.
For you belong with me.
While I make you imperishable, I perish to save you each day.
I make you the pearl to be made love to by many waves that may come and go, I just one of them.
I shine you, but make myself anonymous for your fame.
And when I will look silver under the moonlight.
I'll say your name.

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