Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I am on the edge again.
Nearly at the end of the whole world, I stood.
Don't know what they say they see.
All I saw was the ocean and you.
The ocean spreading it's arms under  the parasitic sky.
Wants me to embrace him, the one last time before he forms a cloud.
Always scared of missing out something, he hated to evaporate.
For he didn't want to watch me from far, if he then was imprisoned in cloud when I dropped by.
For once I visited with the monsoon.
The only time it grabbed the potency to feel my skin.
It kissed me on my cheek and rested there; still.
When it fell with the raindrops.
You too my love, loved me less, like my love for the ocean
You let me stare at you; though far enough.
You let me smile at you; though just enough.
You let me sing to you; though just unheard.
You let me hold you, so much as to save you from falling;
Even for me.
You let me evaporate, far far away
So far to let me go.
You imprison me in your thoughts; day and night and every second in between.
I release it all in the drops that fall from my cheek.
Too lucky the ocean, too unlucky am I.
He gets to touch me, while I pride over my platonic lover.
It  kisses my cheek and rest there still, as the tear that doesn't fall.
The tear was made out of you, and everything you did inside of me.
I hold peace in my tear.
As it is the closest I could get of you touching me.
And I stand on the edge of the world each day, staring at my favorite ocean.
Waiting for morning, amidst one more night.
Ocean and me being no different.
Except we want different lovers.

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