Thursday, 11 June 2015

Blame whom?

(A glass of whisky on the table, a bottle of Black label and flavored soda)
Eh? ….no no , I think ill be staying here only tonight, give me one of your payjamas yaar.

Finally takes the call, “Rohan ill talk to you later yaar, im sleepy.”
...........(starts shouting) “ Yes, because it was your fault. I have to murder an innocent because of you”.....(tries to regain her temper)... “ listen Rohan, ill handle this myself.”

(with a change in the tone) “ It will be good if you drop me to my place only, the next time I am drunk.”( hangs up, switches off the phone)

(10 minutes later) Takes the glass of whiskey, dials a number from the landline.
“Hie, Karan....Where are you?”


  1. This is good. Wow. Struck dumb.
    Keep it up! :)