Thursday, 11 June 2015

Have peace in yourself, to have a peaceful relationship.

If you witness dissatisfaction and displeasure in your relationship it is normal. But this can be tackled by some following some wise steps.
Its important to place relationship and work parallel to each other, overlapping or affecting one in order to compete with the other should be avoided. The major hindrance in relationships is expectation. When expectation exceeds bestowal, dissatisfaction steps in. You have to strike a balance between what you give and how much you take, be it materialistic or emotional. Its important to find content in your relationship to ensure its longevity. Your relationship will flow in the right direction if you have proper commitment and a strong feeling of belongingness that makes you think about your partner before yourself. You need to match up with the wishes and desires of your partner as well as your self in order to be on the same page, try to accommodate both yours as well as your partner's wishes and desires in order to avoid any disturbing arguments in the future.
You have choose to make your partner a part of your life, make sure to allow him/her to be an active part of the crucial decisions you take. Giving space is also important to have a substantial relationship, its essential to give time and take time in order to have an open mind towards your partner. Do not confuse your life goals with those of your partner's , professional life should not be affected my emotions.
Honesty and acceptance are major elements to keep the relationship under bright light, its important to be honest about everything you tell your partner and also to have an open mind to accept everything that your partner tells you. Sharing of ideas, opinions and feelings denies the possibility of misunderstandings. Relationship should be given a significant place in your list of priority, feeling special and making your partner feel special is an instant tool of a healthy relationship. Its required to spice up the dull relationships time to time for which giving surprises , making the important days like birthdays and anniversaries special, taking out time for surprise visits, cooking for your partner, etc can help. When you land up in a problem try to find the reasons and causes in your self before blaming the partner, 'forgiving and forgetting' should be the mantra of your relationship. A confident, strong, compassionate and loving relationship not only satisfies you emotionally but also helps in increasing your productivity at the professional level.

Let happiness and satisfaction go hand in hand with your relationship.


  1. Will bear these points in my mind. You write very well Sayesha di! I never knew...!


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